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A weekly podcast from Tom Sosnoff and Dylan Ratigan covering everything from investment approaches, to politics, to technology, to world news.


Jul 29, 2020

Tom Sosnoff and Dylan Ratigan kick off the podcast with a quick look at the Fed announcement taking place during recording and its impact on the bond market. Then, they pivot into today's topics below:

  • Gold at highs, dollar at lows
  • Political rhetoric and this "trade war"
  • Tech's comparison to Big Tobacco
  • Major League...

Jul 22, 2020

It's no secret that only a handful of people control a large portion of the world's wealth. How does that impact policies, politics, and social & technological progress? Tom Sosnoff and Dylan Ratigan examine this observation. Plus, get their take on:

  • TSLA Earnings
  • Anti-trust laws and American corporate structure
  • the...

Jul 15, 2020

As commercial real estate implodes, as education braces for the fall, and as insurance companies benefit from shelter in place, Tom Sosnoff believes we're never going back to the "old normal." Find out what shifts he and Dylan Ratigan believe to be permanent, and get their take on looming "price changes" in the market.

Jul 8, 2020

In this week's podcast, Tom Sosnoff and Dylan Ratigan tackle the following topics:

  • elderly presidents
  • universal benefits
  • Trump's immigration stance
  • Pump n Dump Stocks
  • The Dot Com Bubble
  • Respect for Science

Jul 1, 2020

Tom Sosnoff and Dylan Ratigan come back this week to talk about the upcoming election and how billionaires may have more influence over this election than ever before. Plus, they tackle taxpayer dollars, PPE, bank behavior, hyperinflation, eviction risk, and more!