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A weekly podcast from Tom Sosnoff and Dylan Ratigan covering everything from investment approaches, to politics, to technology, to world news.


Apr 29, 2020

How can the world account for this huge rally in equities when unemployment is at highs and there's no certainty around a true economic recovery? Dylan Ratigan and Tom Sosnoff discuss the "scientific optimism" currently present in the market. Plus, they discuss the digital and tech giants (NFLX, AMZN, GOOGL, MSFT,...

Apr 22, 2020

In this episode of Truth or Skepticism, Tom Sosnoff and Dylan Ratigan discuss a few of the COVID outlooks the scientific world has regarding when we will return to "normalcy." Plus, they answer a few of the questions below.

  • Is the low interest rate environment sustainable?
  • What will happen to real estate?
  • Is Crude...

Apr 15, 2020

With what seems like nothing but time on our hands, many are left wondering how the world navigates the next phases of COVID-19 and the return to "normalcy." In this week's podcast, Dylan and Tom hypothesize about the future of travel, events, and economies, and market manipulation.

Apr 8, 2020

Another week in social distancing with no shortage of topics to discuss. Dylan Ratigan and Tom Sosnoff discuss Bernie Sanders dropping out of the presidential race and how this virus may impact the November elections. Plus, get their take on:

  • fact-checking, science, and the "trustworthiness" of leaders
  • America's...

Apr 1, 2020

Volatility is a measure of fear and uncertainty. Typically, as tastytrade, we tend to short volatility in the hopes that it reverts to more normal levels. But when volatility remains high -- as it has in the past 6 weeks, how does that impact our trades and our future outlook?

In this segment of Truth or Skepticism, Tom...